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What makes a good Website?

By on May 22, 2015 in Online Media Integration

what makes a good website What makes a good Website?The PhatRat asks what makes a good website?

EASY: How many people visit it and more importantly, how many people come back again to read more.

You could have the most awesome looking website on the planet, with all the bells and whistles, latest plugins, gadgets, gizmos, feeds etc, but if nobody is looking at it – WHATS THE POINT !!

Get me up on Google is the request I have heard the most – I rather would focus of getting visits – quality visits and once they have been, they want to come back to read more.


At WebDzine, our focus is not only how the website looks or operates – but also on the CONTENT, using Social Media investing time to have return visitors.

If we can encourage people to follow us on Social Media and we putting up newsworthy content weekly or fortnightly on our websites – we have the winning formula.

Call me for an obligation free chat at my office in Somerset West and lets what we can do to reach your target market and make them excited about your product / business / service or whatever it is that you do !!!

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