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Online Media Integration

O.M.I. is WebDzine’s new model of which we are very proud. This model devotes even more attention to the marketing of your business and drives the development of content for your website.

3 800 Online Media Integration

Integrating your website with various other social mediums
A website that looks stunning & with amazing functionality is about as useful as a car with an empty fuel tank. It is not going to go anywhere unless you refuel it.

The basic elements of SEO are obviously implemented – but it is feature rich content aimed at YOUR target market added to you website on a weekly / monthly basis and shared via the various online media platforms which is going to make your business noticed and followed.

OMIBraai 150x150 Online Media IntegrationInteresting article comparing Online Marketing to that of a South African Braai.
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For detailed information regarding O.M.I. and the differences between PAGES and POSTS, contact Patrick on 021 852 9510 or 082 389 6843 to make an appointment to learn more about this model.