Website Design Somerset West: Using O.M.I. | Online Media Integration


A website (or development thereof) to the uninformed can be a daunting project. The following page is an attempt to answer any questions you may have.

We firmly believe in interaction with you and will request a personal meeting with you to discuss your project, your requirements and answer all your questions. This first meeting is paramount to us in the successful development of your project.

We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately evaluate your requirements. We can meet either at our office in Somerset West or at a local location of your choice. There is no charge for this consultation.

Why a website?

A website can be seen as an electronic brochure or business card. With the increase in internet usage around the globe, trends are changing / have changed and the first place any prospective client looks is on the internet for your product and service.

The internet allows your prospective client the ability to peruse your company from any computer, anywhere in the world. A website is more than just a few pictures and text put into a fancy looking format, but an extension of your company. The site needs to load fast and comply with the 3 second rule. Within the first three seconds, a visitor should be able to see (with minimal reading) what your company name is and what it is that you do. Navigation needs also to be simple yet efficient.

What is a domain?

A domain is the name under which you will host your website. ie:

What is web hosting?

A simple analogy would be to that of renting a flat. One needs to rent space on the net. One can never own that space permanently. Every year a fee is paid to the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Returning to the flat analogy, do you need a small bachelors flat with one room or are you needing a 5 bedroomed luxury apartment.
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Who will see your website?

Anybody with access to the internet anywhere in the world. Once they type , your website will show. Visitors will also be able to find you via search engine if your website has been optimized correctly and submitted to search engines. (this is not a guarantee and depends on your web designers ability and understanding of the process)


If you are a South African company, with a South African product aiming at the South African market, select a domain with extension. If you your product and market is international, then select the .com extension for your domain.


This is the process used to make your website “search engine” friendly. There are a number of tactics employed to allow your website to get “crawled” by the various search engines. It is easier to build a website from scratch employing these tactics than to take an existing website and then optimize it. This process is dependent on a number of factors:

• Key word selection
• Whether the product / service is specific to a certain field (such as snow making machines) or whether it is a general or popular service (such as a travel service)
• Local or international market

Search engine submissions:

There are only a handful of main search engines from which the smaller engines receive their information. By submitting your website to these main engines, you are inviting their “spiders” to “crawl” your site, however if your optimization is not correct, you will not be listed on the engine or at least not listed as efficiently as you would wish.

 Maintenance and Updates:

This is very important to keep your website up to date with latest developments and specials. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a price list dated 2003.

Your website is a direct representation of your company. Keep it updated and accurate. Visitors will return to your website if they see continual change as they wish to read latest news or specials.

Making your web designer’s life easier:

You have decided you need a website. Before contacting your web designer, think these points through.

• Who is your target market?
• Colour scheming
• Do you have a logo or template design for your company that you wish to incorporate into your website?
• Do you have electronic pictures and images of your company and product?
• Do you have your company description written down?
• Do you have documents with your product / service details?